7 Beautiful and Wonderful Black and White Dresses ...

There is something so simple and yet so beautiful about black and white dresses. I love wearing black and white because of how classic the combination is. Sure, you could wear black and white as separates, but when the two are paired together in a dress as a pattern, with beading or with color blocking, black and white become much more sophisticated. Plus, black and white dresses look wonderful on everyone because there is no need to worry about a color that doesn’t look right with your skin tone.

1. Dine and Dance Dress

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Beading always makes a dress look elegant, especially when placed on the neckline. The Dine and Dance Dress is really very aptly named. This dress is perfect for an evening of dancing with its sheer overlay that has a white band on the bottom. I also think the white band at the waist is a great touch. There is no need to wear a belt to define your waist. There are many black and white dresses to choose from, but if you have a romantic dinner planned this dress would be just perfect. Find it for $77.99 at modcloth.com.

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