9 Beautiful Babydoll Tops ...


Babydoll tops are adorable, flirty, fun, and very forgiving. Actually, let me put that a better way: they're incredibly flattering. If you're fuller figured, they accentuate your shape, creating curves and hiding problem areas. However, worn with the right items, they're great for any size or shape. They're not just for summer, either, although they certainly look lovely in the warmer months. Don't shy away from them in winter, spring, or fall. In fact, after seeing the following fabulous babydoll tops, you might be tempted to run right out and buy one – or three!

1. Embroidered Babydoll Top

Embroidered Babydoll Top

Embroidered babydoll tops have extra depth and texture, although you want to be careful. Too much embroidery or embellishment with this cut makes it look like you're trying to hide something. Look for something like this stunning sleeveless voile top, which is only $31.95 at Sierra Trading Post. You want details, not something to hide behind!

Open Weave Tops
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