9 Beautiful Wallets under 50 ...


9 Beautiful Wallets under 50 ...
9 Beautiful Wallets under 50 ...

**Here’s some irony for you: **You’ve saved up all year for this brand name leather wallet, you finally purchase said wallet, and guess what? You’re so broke the wallet is empty! When it comes to splurging, a decent wallet is definitely a must, but if you’re going to have to break the bank to buy one, is it really worth it?? I think not. That’s why I’ve put together a few beautiful wallets under $50. Check out how to have the wallet and fill it up too!

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Snake Bar Purse

Snake Bar Purse Price: $20.44 at us.asos.com.

This gorgeous faux snakeskin wallet is just absolutely stunning. A colorful spin to the usual grey or black snakeskin, this wallet under $50 is simple yet elegant. The gold bar is a nice addition to the piece and easily makes it classy. Use this as a normal wallet in the day and on it’s own as a clutch at night.


Box Wallet with Gold Studs

Box Wallet with Gold Studs Price: $29.90 at zara.com

This box wallet is so cute as a wallet but probably better functions as an edgy clutch. The studs around the border gives it a bit of a punk feel but not so much as to be overwhelming. Pair with some studded pumps for a matchy-matchy outfit or just your regular LBD. With this wallet/clutch you’re the new edgy girl in town!


Faux Crocodile Coin Purse

Faux Crocodile Coin Purse Price: $5.80 at forever21.com

Less of a wallet and more of a coin clutch, this faux crocodile piece is a must-have in any girl’s purse. Plus, at just $5.80 you’ll still have plenty left to purchase a regular wallet and lots of coins left to fill this baby up.


Reef It to Me

Reef It to Me Price: $24.99 at modcloth.com

This large coral wallet is a perfect addition to this collection of wallets under $50 as it not only looks fantastic but also is in fact incredibly functional. Easily used as a clutch, this large wallet can hold all your cash, credit cards, and possible even your phone. Go on, go and purchase this adorable textured wallet!


Vintage Wallet

Vintage Wallet Price: $31.99 at modcloth.com

This cute vintage wallet is for the girl that loves to stay old-school without paying the price of real vintage. Offered in a variety of other vintage-styled designs, this simple folded wallet is easy to use, easy to carry and oh so lovable!


Moc Croc Checkbook Wallet

Moc Croc Checkbook Wallet Price: $18.95 at amazon.com

This bright green wallet under $50 is fantastic if you want the look and feel of a very expensive wallet without having to drop the cash for it. The faux croc, shiny exterior will make you feel like you own a Miu Miu and no one will even know that you paid less than 20 bucks for it!


Multi Striped Metropolitan Hard Case Wallet

Multi Striped Metropolitan Hard Case Wallet Price: $29.99 at amazon.com

This wallet is absolutely stunning because it looks grungy from far but so modern up close. It’s the perfect mix of simplicity and modern abstract. Because it is a hard case hinge wallet, the amount of cash and cards it holds is not a whole lot. Then again, who needs a ten-pound monstrosity weighing you down when you’ve got this chic thing!


Aldo Aragan in Peach

Aldo Aragan in Peach Price: $25.00 at aldoshoes.com

This beautiful wallet is the sophistication meets affordability. The peach-y color gives it a certain lady-like feel but faux leather and gold accents make it much more upscale than your typical $25 wallet. Purchase this if you want to look smart - especially great with a work outfit and some nice pumps.


Snake Hinge Wallet

Snake Hinge Wallet Price: $8.50 at wetseal.com

Another fun hinge wallet, this one is definitely a steal at just $8.50! This is great for gals that are really on a tight budget. Great for a fun night out with the girls - pair with a neutral dress and some black heels to make the wallet/clutch pop.

Which of these wallets under $50 are you most likely to purchase? How else do you stay fashionable while on a budget? How do you look the part without spending a fortune? SHARE AWAY!

Top Image Source: shardette.com

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