9 Beautiful Wallets under $50 ...

**Here’s some irony for you: **You’ve saved up all year for this brand name leather wallet, you finally purchase said wallet, and guess what? You’re so broke the wallet is empty! When it comes to splurging, a decent wallet is definitely a must, but if you’re going to have to break the bank to buy one, is it really worth it?? I think not. That’s why I’ve put together a few beautiful wallets under $50. Check out how to have the wallet and fill it up too!

1. Snake Bar Purse

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Price: $20.44 at us.asos.com.

This gorgeous faux snakeskin wallet is just absolutely stunning. A colorful spin to the usual grey or black snakeskin, this wallet under $50 is simple yet elegant. The gold bar is a nice addition to the piece and easily makes it classy. Use this as a normal wallet in the day and on it’s own as a clutch at night.

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