7 Best Saving Tips for Winter Sales ...

Best saving tips aren’t necessarily the ones that involve purchasing the cheapest items only nor the ones implying you should check every store in town. It’s all about knowing what you want and need and coming up with the best strategy to get it for the least amount of cash possible. You can luck out or plan it in advance, the choice is yours. But if you want to make sure this end of season sale is a successful one, you’ll want to check out these following best saving tips for shopping sales. They’ve worked for me and will probably work for you too.

1. Get Informed

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First on my list of best saving tips, and the most important one if you’re targeting specific brands or pieces of clothing, is to inquire about the dates of the sales. It doesn’t sound like much but think about it this way – you can’t save if there is no sale! Sales Assistants usually know everything well in advance but won’t spill the beans unless you’re a regular, which leaves you with official Facebook and Twitter accounts, company’s newsletter and website membership as the most reliable sources of information. Cheaper items will sell out faster and you’d do good not to ignore the initial 20 to 30 percent off. More expensive items will still end up being quite pricey, allowing you to wait for further reductions before making your purchase.

2. Make a List of Things You Need

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Once you’ve pinpointed the dates, you can move on to the next step – making a wish list. Visit each shop to make sure the items are still in stock, try them on, check to make sure there are plenty of pieces left in your size and revise the list if needed. This tip for shopping sales will help you get everything you need during the actual sale without unnecessary delays. A list is a handy thing to have even if you’re not targeting specific items as it will help keep your mind focused and stop you from purchasing a bunch of things you don’t really need. You can even set a price range for each item and reward yourself with something off the list if you manage to find a better deal.

3. Be an Early Bird

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Winter sales start late December and usually end in mid February, although that doesn’t mean you should postpone your shopping experience for too long. Furthermore, if you make the mistake of tuning in too late, you’ll probably get an eyeful of spring pieces and a very limited selection of discounted items. Now that can be a good and a bad thing, all depending on your expectations. If you’re looking for something specific you might want to shop early, if not you may decide to save even more by waiting for further reductions.

4. Don’t Let Yourself Get Distracted

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Ah well, I don’t need to tell you why this is the best saving tip you’re ever going to hear, do I? Shopping sales is a fun yet a bit psychedelic experience that may end in tears the moment you come to your senses and realize you’ve spent more than you expected and purchased a whole bunch of things you don’t really need. Focus, focus, focus! If the item in question is not on your list and does nothing to improve any of the outfits/pieces of clothing you already own, leave it aside regardless of how tempting it is. Look at it this way – if you need to purchase at least two more things to make the item in question usable, you’ll either end up spending more (when the goal is to spend less) or it will end up unworn for a long period of time and maybe even completely forgotten.

5. Think Big

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Think big, think pricey, think something you’ll get a lot of uses out of. Or something super trendy you would never ever pay retail for because it probably won’t be as hip a few months from now. But wait, I’m advising you to spend more…what kind of a silly tip is that? Aren’t we supposed to spend less? Well, by choosing to spend your money on a pricier item you actually do end up both saving more and getting more! And once you have a few carefully selected, pricey-looking basics (that really used to be pricey before the sale), you can mix and match beyond words and always look perfectly dressed.

6. Think beyond Clothes

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But why save on clothes only? Now is the perfect time to consider re-stocking on perfume and beauty products as well! All of those interesting holiday gift sets that didn’t end up under someone’s Christmas tree will be marked down, giving you a chance to save on things that you’ll need to purchase soon anyways. Furthermore, some of these sets come with interesting gifts too, and getting something for free is always a good thing. But why stop there? All of those much-needed Christmas decorations are going to sell for pocket change and getting them now means you’ll spend less or nothing at all next year. Ask any frugalista – stocking up on items you won’t get to use until much later is the best saving tip ever!

7. Cheat

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All is fair in love and war and shopping the sales is a little bit of both! If you happen to have a good relationship with Sales Assistants, you can show up a day before the sale right before closing time, pick your items and ask them to keep them for you until tomorrow. Then you’ll just show up, pick up your bag and pay the sale price only! Wait, wait, wait! Did you just give me THE look? Well, stop it, everyone does it! And some SAs even offer to do this for you if you happen to be in the right place at the right time. That’s how I ended up purchasing two dresses that should have cost me 30 Euros per piece for only 5 Euros each. And no, I’m not going to blush or look down – she offered to do this for me, who in their right mind would say no to that?

Feel like sharing some of your best tips for shopping sales? Hurray! Let’s hear them now while there’s still time to grab a fantastic item or two!

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