10 Best Street Fashion Blogs ...


10 Best Street Fashion Blogs ...
10 Best Street Fashion Blogs ...

Street Fashion Blogs are an important part of style – integral, in fact. What else can keep you up-to-date on the hottest fashions from around the world? No one really wants to wait for Fashion Week to see what's hot, and some people are frankly skeptical of listening to what the designers say all the time. Street fashion blogs show you what's hot in every major and minor city you can think of, so you can see what real, albeit extremely fashion conscious, people are wearing. Is your interest a little piqued, my pretty fashionistas? Then keep reading for the best street fashion blogs from all across the globe!

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This is one of my favorite street fashion blogs, because it features fashions from all over. It's not just focused on one city, but rather highlights the style you see on the streets in London, New York, Berlin, Paris, Helsinki, and many more. You can never tell what might pop up, but I can guarantee it will be awesome.


I don't know about you, but I'm crazy about Italian fashions. Whether it's Florence, Rome, Milan, or even Sicily, I always want to know what the hotties there are wearing. That's why I adore PimPumPam. Not only is it fun to say out loud, but you get to see the hottest Italian fashions – not to mention those from places like Vienna, Budapest, and tons of others, for a little variety!


This wouldn't be a complete list if it didn't include The Sartorialist. This is probably the most popular blog devoted to street fashion that you'll find, and with good reason. It's one of the biggest influence in fashion and design, as per Time, and it highlights the best and most bizarre of New York street fashion, from Montauk to Devon to 5th Avenue.


Being rather geek chic myself, you know this is one of the street fashion blogs I love most. The fact that it focuses on Toronto makes it even better, since that's one of my favorite cities. The pictures here are amazing, the writing is absolutely exquisite, and the fact that the first thing you see is an individualistic manifesto – “Fashion and style how I see it. Not dictated by the masses, rather what inspires me.” – makes it even better.


Here's another blog devoted to global fashion, so you can compare and contrast what people are wearing everywhere. Many pictures and outfits from from New York, Paris, Tokyo, London, and Sydney, but lots of other places are highlighted as well. The cross-section is fabulous, and the pictures are gorgeous – even if all the outfits aren't.


I absolutely love this blog, partly for its characterization. Want to see some hot James Dean wannabes? Click. Want to see entirely monochrome fashions? Click. Interested in sheer looks, biker badassness, or how other women rock skinny belts? Click, click, click! Again, photos are taken from all the best and brightest fashion capitals around the globe.


I've been a fan of Tokyo street fashion ever since America's Next Top Model's third season. Maybe I got into it a little late in the game, but Drop Tokyo is one of the most amazing street fashion blogs to keep me up-to-date. And yes, plenty of styles from from Harajuku!


Wayne Tippets is responsible for this amazing blog. Although he's based in the UK, you see plenty of fashions from all over. This blog has both models and every day people he sees on the streets, which makes for an awesome mix.



If you adore Russian style, then this is quickly going to become one of your favorite street fashion blogs, too. I go here every single day, and I'm never disappointed. I'm a huge fan of Russian, from food to culture to fashion, and this allows me to feel a little closer to it all. It also constantly makes me feel like I need to seriously update my wardrobe, post haste.


Last but definitely not least, we have the style child of Jason Jean, who used to be a tax man. Go figure, right? He photographs the most elite members of the fashion world, and although he's based in New York, you'll find both models and fashion from literally everywhere you can imagine. And given the quality of Jean's photography, he definitely made the right career move!

Street fashion blogs are colorful, fashion forward, and knowledgeable about what's really trending right now. I picked these ten street fashion blogs to highlight because I think they represent an excellent cross-section of culture and style, the photography is amazing, and the writing is superb. But don't be shy – what are some of your favorite street fashion blogs? I'm sure all of us could use some more inspiration!

Top Image Source: fastmi.com

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