7 Best Trends of 2013 That We All Loved ...

As the year comes to a close, Iโ€™m eager to see what 2014 holds for the fashion world, but before we go letโ€™s take a moment and reminiscence about some of the best trends of 2013. From tribal prints, to crazy stunts pulled by celebrities, to hot gossip that swarmed everyoneโ€™s lives, thank you for the best trends of 2013.

1. Cut-It-out

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Topping the list as my favorite of all the best trends of 2013 is cut outs. A favorite for many during the summer is also amazing in the winter and fall - just layer them, or find long-sleeved pieces. These small cuts that show the slightest hint of skin make any outfit look easy breezy, but also sassy and sensual. The question is, will cutouts make it to spring 2014? I sure hope so - I love them!

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