7 Biggest Style Stars of 2014 ...

2014 was a big year for style, and these style stars of 2014 are truly a testament to that. If you’re looking to reminisce on these style stars of 2014, want to steal a bit of style inspiration from them, or simply want to know who to keep tabs on in the fashion world next year, this list is for you. There are women of all ages on here, from teenagers like Kendall Jenner to powerhouse, adult women like Amal Clooney and Taylor Swift. No matter who your style inspiration is, if she really killed the fashion game this year, she will probably be on the list!

1. Kendall Jenner

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Whether you love or hate the Kardashian clan, you can’t deny that Kendall Jenner has emerged as quite the style star in 2014. Whether she was on the street or on the runway, everything she wore astounded fans and critics alike. Love her or hate her, you’ve probably lusted over at least one of her outfits this year, making her one of the biggest style stars of 2014.

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