Brilliant 💡 Style Tips 👗 for Petite Women 👩 in 2017 🗓 ...

Are you on the hunt for style tips for petite women in 2017?

Being petite can make it hard to shop for clothes and many of the models on runways are very tall, which means their looks might not work for you.

Any woman whose height is less than 5"4 can fit into the petite category and should be using these style tips for petite women in 2017.

1. Dresses and Skirts

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The length of your skirt and dress can make a huge difference in regards to how tall or short you look. People generally feel that petite women look good in anything and everything, but that is not the case. Not every dress will suit women with a petite frame. Various things can go wrong - a dress may not fit the shoulders and can end up looking too wide or too short. The best style that petite women should stick to are chiffon dresses with floral designs. However, the floral prints should not be large. They should be small and subtle, and the dresses should definitely not be frilly. As far as the length of the skirt goes, it should fall just below the knee. This makes women look tall and elegant, which is why it's one of the top style tips for petite women in 2017.

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