7 Budget-Friendly Ways to Stock up on Designer Clothes ...


7 Budget-Friendly Ways to Stock up on Designer Clothes ...
7 Budget-Friendly Ways to Stock up on Designer Clothes ...

Designer clothes are often too expensive to be bought on a whim, yet too awesome to be completely forgotten which causes us to push our desires somewhere in the back of our minds and satisfy with an occasional window shopping experience! But guess what? Popular designers can find their place in your closet and you don’t have to go all out to make it happen! Plan, save and read these tips on how and where to find discounted designer clothes and you’ll start building your own collection in no time!

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Sample Sales

Sample sales are often too short and too private to become your exclusive source of awesome, yet affordable designer clothes although you just might end up being at the right place in the right time and actually manage to snag a couple of gorgeous pieces! Now, in order to do that, you’ll definitely need to give your lady Luck a bit of a push so I suggest signing up to as many fashion-related newsletters as possible!



From local auction sites to Craigslist and, of course, eBay – internet is a good place to be looking for popular designers! And whether you’re on a lookout for rare, vintage or discontinued styles, I’m absolutely sure you’ll find them! Check labels and tags, get acquainted with all those lifesaving tips and tricks that could help you spot a counterfeit item and don’t be afraid to even consult a professional authenticator because the only way to be sure that you’re getting a good deal is to make sure you are buying an authentic item.



Stock and/or outlet malls are a perfect way to save anywhere from 30 to a staggering 70 or even 80 percent of what you would normally spend on a certain item! And, you know what is the best part is? You don’t even have to leave the house and risk fighting a lot of angry frugal fashionistas over that last fabulous piece! Simply visit Net-A-Porter’s frugal sister, The Outnet, and enjoy flash sales, fabulous discounts, back-in-stock items and many more fab events! Oh, and don’t forget to visit this popular website on April 15th, because Outnet will be celebrating its birthday by giving you a unique chance to grab some seriously unbelievable bargains!


Thrift Stores

Thrifting is a very popular sport nowadays and if you thought all those stories about women who managed to find fabulous designer clothes and accessories for under 10 or 20 bucks are just urban myths or nothing more than he say-she say, you’re in for a big surprise! In fact, I’ll risk going too far and say that this just might be the only place to get really, really cheap designer clothes that, surprise, surprise – can be brand new!


Consignment Shops

If digging through a pile of useless polyester junk in hopes you’ll find a gem worth snagging isn’t your cup of tea, you can start searching for discounted designer clothes in a more presentable environment. From vintage designer shops to popular consignment boutiques – truly wonderful both brand new and used items are just sitting there just waiting for their new owners! Have in mind that this is waaay different than thrifting and that you won’t be able to expect such bargain prices but definitely browse around and keep your options open as prices in lesser known shops differ from the prices in famous ones.



Why get a ton of birthday or Christmas gifts you won’t be absolutely thrilled with when you can get just one that’s a dream came true? Now, I know what you’re going to say and yes, I agree, it’s totally rude to go around telling people, «I’m saving for a new Gucci belt so I’ll be accepting cash gifts only this year». You can, however, tell this to your husband, closest family members and all those people who know you well and prefer asking to taking wild shots. You can even set up a special bank account for this purpose to avoid any awkward situations and make sure the amounts of money stay as they should – private! And don’t worry – you are neither the first nor the last woman who found this tactics useful.


Co-Op Collections

Popular clothing chains such as H&M and Target team up with a different designer each year to create a whole line of affordable clothes and accessories signed by the designer in question. I do have to note that the quality and craftsmanship of these designer clothes often isn’t as flawless as you’d expect but it’s still a nice way to rock the print or design you like without having to spend a lot of cash or turn to illegal and often quite poorly constructed fakes.

Do you know of any good shops that sell discounted designer goods? I absolutely love a good bargain on both designer clothes and popular, commercial brands but then, again…who doesn’t!

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