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Can You See Yourself in Any of These Sexy Specs for 2015

By Jennifer

Table of contents:

  1. Tortoise shell frames
  2. Black frames
  3. Round-ish
  4. Zooey deschanel's sexy specs
  5. Round tortoise frames
  6. For an oval-shaped face
  7. Shenae grimes' glasses
  8. A little bling on the sides
  9. Round & brown
  10. For your mini-fashionista
  11. Keiko lynn's warby parker winston glasses
  12. Warm colors
  13. Clear frames
  14. The bigger, the better
  15. Hillary duff's frames
  16. Super chunky!
  17. Thinner, but still big
  18. Jennifer aniston's glasses
  19. Basic black

1 Tortoise Shell Frames

Via Street Chic: New York Beauty

2 Black Frames


3 Round-Ish

Via optometry

4 Zooey Deschanel's Sexy Specs

Via Zooey Deschanel's Cream and black ...

5 Round Tortoise Frames

Via Prescription glasses online for £89 ...

6 For an Oval-shaped Face

Via Style | Babble

7 Shenae Grimes' Glasses

Via Toni Baldwin's Buzznet

8 A Little Bling on the Sides

Via Let's play "what's my new ...

9 Round & Brown


10 For Your Mini-Fashionista

Via The Ruth Optical Frame | ...

11 Keiko Lynn's Warby Parker Winston Glasses

Via New Classic Medium Frame Reading ...

12 Warm Colors

Via Non-Basic Styling Tricks For That ...

13 Clear Frames

Via Eyeglass Frames-Cute Eyeglasses Frame Styles ...

14 The Bigger, the Better

Via TrendyLindy

15 Hillary Duff's Frames

Via The best eyeglasses for your ...

16 Super Chunky!

Via Communication with Advertisers

17 Thinner, but Still Big

Via Dirty and Classy

18 Jennifer Aniston's Glasses


19 Basic Black


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