7 Celebrities with Successful Clothing Lines That Every Fashionista Will Love ...

I thought only highly-trained designers could have successful fashion lines but celebrities with successful clothing lines are becoming more common. I used to think a lot of these celebrities would only venture in to designing so they could increase their personal wealth. And although that may be true for some, there are a few celebrity's lines that are covetable and you can tell that the celebrities-turned-designers are passionate about their job. Hereโ€™s a list of some celebrities with successful clothing lines.

1. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

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Mary Kate and Ashley are my favourite celebrities with successful clothing lines. Did you know Mary Kate and Ashley announced that they have officially โ€œretiredโ€ from acting a few weeks ago? I thought that was sort of implied when they hadnโ€™t made a movie in almost ten years. Anyways, if youโ€™re wondering what they have been doing the past ten years if it hasnโ€™t been acting, itโ€™s been building a billion dollar fashion empire (and Iโ€™m not talking about the line they used to carry at Walmart). The Olsen twins have two high-fashion lines called Elizabeth and James (named after their sister and brother respectively) and The Row.

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