Check out Business Lady Vibes from These Gorge Celebrities ...

I don’t know about you, but I love getting style inspiration from powerful ladies. No matter what their field is, if they’re successful and look good while doing whatever it is that they’re best at, I love finding some outfit inspiration from women who inspire me. These celebrities are no exception, so if you’re looking for office style inspiration from some pretty awesome celebrities, these ladies are sure to do just that!

1. Kate Middleton

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Whether Kate’s going to a royal event or simply walking down the street, her style is almost always perfect for the office. She’s often seen in well-tailored blazers and a skinny pant, which are great places to draw style inspiration from. However, more often than that, she’s seen wearing gorgeous dresses in a variety of different styles with beautiful jackets accompanying them. Whether the dresses are floral or simply monochromatic, they are all gorgeous places to pull office style inspiration from

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