Chic Coats to Spend the Winter Wearing ...

If you live in a cold winter climate, you know the struggle of finding coats in the winter. Your main priority is warmth, especially if you have to spend a lot of time outside, but you also don’t want to sacrifice your style to stay warm. If you’ve found this dilemma time and time again, I may just have the solution to your problems. These coats will keep you warm and cozy, but they’re all so stylish that you’ll feel like you just walked off the runway of your favorite fashion show in Paris!

1. Olive Longline Wool-Blend Coat

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Olive is such a trendy color this winter. If you’re looking for a trendy piece that isn’t too expensive, this is definitely the coat for you. The color is actually becoming a neutral, meaning that it will look good with so many of your outfits this winter, and isn’t that silhouette stunning?

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