7 Chic Sweatshirts That Will Keep You Lounging in Style ...

Who says you can't find chic sweatshirts that look fabulous and fashionable? Sweatshirts get a bad reputation as being grubs – you know, the articles of clothing you grub around in on snow days and weekends, when you don't really feel like putting together an outfit or wearing makeup. However, in recent seasons, sweatshirts have been making a comeback, turning into a perfectly acceptable piece of clothing to wear while you're lounging or when you hit the town. They're especially popular in funky street style looks. If you're eager to lounge in style, but also long for the ability to step out in fashionable grubs, just take a look at these chic sweatshirts!

1. ASOS Sweatshirt with Keep Going Baby

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Given the newest trends, many chic sweatshirts have graphics or print, and this one's no exception. Although the message is motivational, I chose it for a different reason: everyone needs a big, roomy, oversized sweatshirt! It's cozy and comfy for those evenings at home, ideal for casual trips to the coffee shop or the library, and it's perfect for those days when you just want something to wrap you up and cover you. You can get this one at ASOS for less than $50, but there are voluminous sweatshirts everywhere, so check out your favorite stores!

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