7 Chic Velvet Accessories ...

Velvet accessories are the ideal way to add some regal touches to your outfit this season. A velvet accessory can add some luxe texture to your look and give it some depth. It could be a velvet clutch, belt, or necklace – they’re all fashionable ways to incorporate this lush fabric into your new season looks. Add a luxe touch to your look with the following stylish velvet accessories.

1. Velvet Clutch

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Work an elegant evening-wear look with velvet accessories in the form of a stylish clutch. Designers like Alexander McQueen (pictured above), Emilio Pucci, Tom Ford, and Miu Miu are all championing the velvet clutch this season. For those of us on a budget, we can pick up equally stylish, more affordable versions at stores like Nordstrom.

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