7 Classic Outfits from Friends You Can Steal for Yourself ...

As a Friends fanatic, I often find myself lusting over the cutest outfits from the show. While most of these outfits usually come from Rachel’s wardrobe, (she did work at Ralph Lauren, after all) there are a few outfits that I think we all went to steal, whether it’s as a joke, a costume, or because we really do love the style of our favorite “friends.” Whether you’re a Monica, a Rachel, a Ross, or a Joey, you’ll find an outfit on this list that you’ll love to recreate!

1. Rachel’s Knicks Sweatshirt

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It seems like Rachel’s Knicks Sweatshirt is one of the most fawned over outfits from the entire series, regardless of how well the Knicks are doing. It looks cool and vintage without being too in your face as fan merchandise. Unfortunately, this sweatshirt has been next to impossible to find. If you want something similar, though, Old Navy sells a vintage-looking gray Knicks sweatshirt that just may fulfill what you wanted!

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