7 Classic Pieces for Real Women ...

If you had to describe fashion in one word, it would probably be trendy. Fashion evolves, cycles and then revolves. If you are a minimalist, attempting to keep up with fashion can become a major headache. The need to have multiple outfits for every possible situation can teeter on the border of insanity. There are some ways that you can create a minimalist wardrobe. All you need are the closet essentials - those items necessary to bring together almost any outfit.

Minimalism is a concept that is catching on worldwide. The concept can be viewed and experienced in hotels, salons, boutiques and even in architectural designs. One place that you don't hear a great deal about minimalism is in wardrobe planning. This does not mean that minimalism isn't possible or that it isn't - very much so - needed.

Minimalism is about quality over quantity, but is also about being practical. Something as simple as the right pair of jogging bottoms can do wonders for your minimalist collection. There are numerous benefits to having a minimalist wardrobe, including reducing space consumption, lower wardrobe costs, less time finding the right outfit to wear. In order to effectively build a minimalist wardrobe there are some things that will be a part of your group of essentials - those things that every woman must have.

1. The Perfect Blazer

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This is not that moment when you go out and purchase the blazer with the unique patterns and cuts; this blazer needs to be a classic color and cut with no trendy designs or accessories. The classic blazer in a classic color, such as blue or black, will provide you with a diverse piece that you will be able to mix and match in infinite ways. The blazer can be dressed down for the casual look or dressed up for a more formal approach, but either way it creates a mature look that demands that you be taken seriously.

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