7 Classic Ways to Style a Black and White Outfit ...

You have two reasons to follow the black and white trend for fall. One, it's a classic color combo that can make you look oh so sophisticated. Two, celebrities like Cameron Diaz have set a good example of chic fashion in a black and white outfit. The monochromatic trend has a very sharp aesthetic that exudes a stylish effect that never goes out of style. For inspiration, I present my top 7 classic ways to style a black and white outfit.

1. Textured

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Try for a blend of classy and upbeat by infusing texture into your white/black outfit. An eye-catching black textured cardigan will look sublime over a cute white top. Better still is a trendy black and white patterned skirt or a black leather skirt. This look is incredibly contemporary and confidence inspiring. It is the kind you can wear to a casual get-together or to the office.

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