8 Classy Fashion Trends for 2012 ...

Classy fashion trends are the safest way to play in the Fashion sandbox. The majority of fashion trends can be made classy and sophisticated. Take a seasonal pattern or color and just ensure you make it feminine, flattering and tasteful; it’s a sure way to strut with Coco Chanel class. I love making trends work for me, but better yet I love making a seasonal style a classy fashion trend. Here is my take on 8 Classy Fashion Trends for 2012:

1. Art Deco Graphics

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Art Deco gives off a slick yet chic vibe. Its structured lines and shapes are just so perfectly placed. We can thank Paris for Art Deco, as it began there in the 1920’s - but we can only thank designers for incorporating it into their designs, and making its way into our closets. One very prominent Fashion Trend to play with for 2012.

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