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When it comes to maternity fashion, I think the rule that most women follow is: “It SHOULD be comfortable.” You don't want to wear high-heeled shoes to look fashionable and regret it later. Or… wear tight-fitting dress because it’s an LV. My second pregnancy inspired me to write about this piece as a reminder that I don't have to always wear sweatpants just because I’m pregnant:

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Black Leggings

Black Leggings I have six of these in my closet because it’s my go-to outfit when I am lazy (which happens most of the time). You pick a pair of black leggings and pair it off with a pretty top and you’re off for your morning walk or a quick trip to the supermarket. I got my mine from Gap and Old Navy. Old Navy has some patterned, cropped leggings that you might want to check out.


Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress I had Mila Kunis in mind the moment I wrote “LBD”. The way she hid her baby bump with this dress gave her that classy-sexy, soon-to-be-Mommy look. I never had a little black dress or a long black dress in my first pregnancy so I am madly scouring online shops for a good one. Any suggestions from you will be wonderful.



V-Necks I have a soft spot for V-necks, pregnant or not pregnant. It’s a magic weight changer. It directs the onlookers’ attention to your chest and veers attention away from your arms. Whether it’s a dress or a tee, you can’t go wrong with V-Necks! My personal favorite is a long-sleeved V-Neck paired with maternity jeans and red ballet shoes. Makes me feel like I’m the pregnant Dorothy walking down the yellow, brick road!


Maternity Jeans

Maternity Jeans Who said you should stop wearing jeans because you’re pregnant? Three best things about maternity jeans: comfortable, no zipper, and wearable after pregnancy. I don’t know about other women who have worn a pair or two but to me, it feels like wearing pajamas. It’s a good fit too! And I got to use mine after pregnancy – and will still use them in this second pregnancy.


Open-front Sweaters or Cardigans

Open-front Sweaters or Cardigans Oh hail the mighty cardigan, especially the open-front ones! I like the long ones that just hang loose in front. You wear jeans with a white top and finish your glowing look with a pink cardigan and you are ready to hit the road. I love this ensemble in days when I just feel particularly messy but have to get up to get something done. My personal advice is to purchase a cardigan/sweater that will make you feel good when those bad days come. Pick the happy colors, ladies!


Tank Tops and Camisoles

Tank Tops and Camisoles It’s a basic piece that every pregnant woman should have. I own a camisole from Gap from my first pregnancy which I also wore while nursing my twins. I am buying more tank tops as my second pregnancy progresses.


Pretty, Maternity Panties

Pretty, Maternity Panties There are humungous ones of course. My Mom kept on telling me about buying the black ones that I think my grandmother wore in her 60s. But frankly, they just make me feel bad about myself because the colors are mostly dull, usually just black and skintone. I found the perfect alternative in a package from a friend who bought me low-rise maternity panties from e-bay. They're pretty and come in different colors!

What’s in your ‘pregnant’ closet these days?

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This is the .. I give up being part if the human race pregnancy looks .. Hobo chick? God ! There are really nice clothes out there that emphasize the waist and are a lot more like day time and evening fashionable wear .. This article sucks huge .. Written by someone who lives in pajamas clearly .

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