7 Closet Staples for Pregnant Women ...

When it comes to maternity fashion, I think the rule that most women follow is: “It SHOULD be comfortable.” You don't want to wear high-heeled shoes to look fashionable and regret it later. Or… wear tight-fitting dress because it’s an LV. My second pregnancy inspired me to write about this piece as a reminder that I don't have to always wear sweatpants just because I’m pregnant:

1. Black Leggings

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I have six of these in my closet because it’s my go-to outfit when I am lazy (which happens most of the time). You pick a pair of black leggings and pair it off with a pretty top and you’re off for your morning walk or a quick trip to the supermarket. I got my mine from Gap and Old Navy. Old Navy has some patterned, cropped leggings that you might want to check out.

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