7 Clothing Items Every College Girl Wears to Class or so It Seems ...

There are a handful of clothing items every college girl wears to class, or so it seems. I'm sure no matter where you go to school you've realized there are common trends in fashion amongst the students. This list may be a bit biased toward those of us that go to schools up north, but I’m sure some of these items are universal. So here is what every college girl wears to class, from a northerner’s perspective.

1. North Face Jacket

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North Face jackets are one of the main clothing items every college girl wears to class. North Face has many different kinds of jackets, but I've noticed that their heavy winter coats and Denali coats are the most popular. I looked into purchasing these jackets when I noticed so many people on my campus wearing them, and I'm glad I did! Both are very warm and comfortable, and perfect for walking to class in the cold.

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