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When you think about Coachella, sure, you think about the awesome music that will be gracing the stages in the California desert - but you also think about all the fashion that will be making an appearance. There are always tons of trends to be on the lookout for, and these are just a few of the hottest ones to check out.

1. Round Mirrored Sunnies

Why have just regular sunglasses when you can combine two trends into one and get the perfect frame? Rounded sunnies are totally in right now, and paired with mirrored lenses, they are a fresh and fun addition to any festival look!

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We love these submarine sunglasses. The blue mirroring is encased in black frames for an edgy look.

$15.00 from

eyewear, sunglasses, hair, face, glasses,

We also love this pair for their more geometric take on the rounded lens. Gold is a great color for sunnies! And these are at a price that you can't beat for such a statement.

$15.00 from

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