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7 Colors That Men Love on Women ...

By Heather

Fashion is important to many women to convey their style and personality to the world, but you might be interested to know that there are certain colors that men love on women that can also help your fashion score you a date! Put that love for clothes and style to good use by implementing certain colors into your wardrobe, either for your guy, or for finding a new man in your life. I personally like to dress for myself, but it never hurts to know about certain colors that men love on women, if you’re looking to impress a date, husband, boyfriend, etc. Keep these in mind next time you have a special event with a male in your life. Believe it or not, certain colors convey many things to men, both in good and bad lights. Wear some of these, and leave the rest in your closet for a trendy outing with your girlfriend!

1 Black

Black Ladies, we’ve got it pretty easy because one of the main colors that men love on women is basic black. It implies sexiness, sophistication, and class, all wrapped up into one simple color. Surely, we can all deal with that, right?

2 Red

Red Obviously, men love red. They probably don’t even realize they do, but trust me, they do! It implies sex appeal, boldness, confidence and femininity. Wear it however you want, just don’t go overkill with it head to toe. Too much can seem trashy and that’s definitely not something you want a man to think about you. A little red goes a long way.

Myla love the red so preety...

3 White

White Men also love white. It’s clean, classy and pure, something that feels timeless to men. Tops are best for this, since white pants or skirts can be difficult to deal with and white pants with a stain definitely aren’t something that’s attractive!

4 Bright Blue

Bright Blue One of men’s favorite colors is blue, and they also love it on women. It’s not a typical female color, but men still love to see a woman in bright blue. Baby blue is okay, but brighter colors are best. Navy’s usually seen as more drab, so leave that shade for the office.

5 Pink

Pink Pink is soft, feminine and flirty, but like red, it goes a long way in a small amount. Too much can make you seem like a “girly girl” which men aren’t so fond of. Keep it mature looking by keeping it minimal, but definitely wear a little. It’s pretty, classic and pink is always a nice color for most women.

Rose I am totally a girly girl though-which is somethin...

6 Cream

Cream Cream goes in the same category as white. It’s pure, soft, delicate and timeless. Men love cream as it sends a message of purity, innocence and class. Just don’t dress head to toe in it like you’re going to a wedding. That can come as a major turnoff ! A little goes a long way.

7 Teal

Teal Teal is another shade of blue that men like. Green is usually not a color that’s too attractive in the eyes of men, but teal, or turquoise is another story. It’s sassy, sophisticated and also bold, without being over the top. Try a teal top, skirt or bag. It goes great with many shades and is so trendy anyway!

The most important colors to stay away from are browns, yellows, grays, oranges and greens. Those for some reasons aren’t as attractive to men. They’re either too bright, or too boring. The shades above are the best colors to impress your man, so stay with some of those and leave the rest at home. What’s your guy’s favorite color on you?

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