7 Comfy Pajamas to Lounge around in ...

When it gets colder, the best comfy pajamas become a wardrobe staple as we lounge around our houses trying to beat the cold. A cute pair of pajamas is better than your old worn in sweatpants and sweatshirt combo because it is just as comfy, but is 100 times cuter. Why not add style to your lazy weekends curled up on the couch? With these adorable comfy pajamas, you will look fabulous on even your laziest of days.

1. Pink Polka Dots

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If you are going to rock your favorite comfy pajamas, why not add in polka dots and a pink bow? When you are lounging around in your home, you want to be incredibly comfy, but you still want to have a fun element In your outfit. These polka dotted pajamas pants will still make you feel girly and fun even on your laziest days. You can find them at Forever 21 for $12.80.

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