7 Common Halloween Costumes You'll See at Every Party ...

You will see these common Halloween costumes at every party you attend this year. It seems there are just some looks that are always popular. These 7 common Halloween costumes are among the most purchased outfits every year, so keep an eye out for these characters the next time you go to a Halloween party.

1. Nurse

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One of the most common Halloween costumes is definitely the nurse outfit. This look usually consists of a short, low-cut, button up dress, stockings, a nurse’s hat, and a plastic stethoscope. The costume and accessories are usually white and red but sometimes you will see variations of the look. I went as a nurse one year (a zombie nurse, but still, a nurse) and I was far from the only one at the party with the same nurse outfit. Out of all the common Halloween costumes, I think this one may be the most used for women.

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