Conservative Trends to Wear to Your Sunday Brunch ...

Sunday brunch is basically a fashion show in and of itself. If you’re someone who loves going to brunch with friends, you probably put a lot of pressure to look great at brunch. Even if you’re going out with your best friends, you still want to look perfectly put-together at Sunday brunch! If you’ve hit a mental roadblock and can’t come up with any new brunch outfits, I’ve got you covered! And, who knows, a few of these may just surprise you!

1. A Graphic Tee and Jean Jacket

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When you’ve woken up on a weekend to go hang out with your friends, you want to be comfortable first and foremost. Is there anything more effortlessly cool but also super comfortable than a graphic tee with a jean jacket? You’ll look so stylish but you’ll also be comfortable which is what everyone wants on a Sunday morning!

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