Create a Chic Holiday Style by Mixing These Patterns ...

Mixing prints is one of the best things about style, even if your style isn’t exactly whimsical. It’s just fun and different, and it’s a way to catch people’s attention. If you’re looking for tips and tricks this holiday season about mixing prints, believe me, I’ve got you covered. No matter what level of mixing prints you’re comfortable with, I’m sure that you’ll find some type of print mixing that you’ll absolutely fall in love with and want to wear over and over again this holiday season! It may seem outlandish and uncomfortable at first, but you’ll eventually fall in love with it—believe me!

1. Different Plaids

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The holidays are all about plaid, especially this year, which means that there is no print mixing that is cuter than mixing two different types of plaid. It can be daunting to consider at first, but done right, this is a great look! Whether the colors are complimenting or contrasting each other, different types of plaid look so chic together. I think it adds such a high-fashion touch to a holiday look!

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