7 Creative Ways to Take Your Look from Day to Night ...

Are you looking always looking for new ways to take your look from day to night? I know I am! I have compiled a few tips that will help you achieve the look you want! If you incorporate some of these tips into your style, you’ll be day time fab to night time glam in no time! So, here are some of my favorite creative ways to get you looking gorgeous when you take your look from day to night!

1. Let Your Hair down

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While at work, it’s easier to have your hair tied so it’s not in the way. But, not at night. It’s supposed to be wild, fun, flirty, and sexy! So, for you to have soft, luscious, carefree waves at night, try wearing your hair in a tight bun or chignon and let it loose at night! People will love that you can take your look from day to night in such a simple way!

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