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16 Curvy Girls Who Are Killing It on Instagram ...

By Jennifer

No matter your personal style or look, you're bound to find fashion inspo on Instagram, and most of mine comes from a few particularly curvaceous bloggers who just slay, every day. Who are these curvy girls you need to be following, right now?Read on, and prepare to see exactly what "killing it" truly means.

Table of contents:

  1. Nicolette mason
  2. Callie thorpe
  3. Chastity garner valentine
  4. Georgina
  5. Marie denee
  6. Ragini nag rao
  7. Allison teng
  8. Gabi gregg
  9. Tess munster (holliday)
  10. Teer wayde
  11. Isha reid
  12. Nadia aboulhosn
  13. Kellie brown
  14. Kobi jae
  15. Miz liz
  16. Ashley rose

1 Nicolette Mason

Follow her at @nicolettemason
I adore Nicollette's style: very girly, very pink. She shares her outfits, natch, but she also posts lots of lifestyle photos, too.

2 Callie Thorpe

Follow her at @calliethorpe
This Marie Claire columnist obviously leads a happy life, which you can clearly see in her OOTD shares, and especially in her shots with her friends.

3 Chastity Garner Valentine

Follow her at @garnerstyle
Co-creator of The Curvy Con, Chastity shares stellar fashion photos and lots of behind-the-scenes, having-fun-with-friends shots.

4 Georgina

Follow her at @cupcakesloveme
Georgina's style can best be summed up in one word: kawaii. While she does share lots of OOTD photos, Georgina also gives us an inside look at the cuteness overload that is her daily life.

5 Marie Denee

Follow her at @mariedenee
Marie has all the sexy, all the gorgeous, and she doesn't mind sharing her style shots (and loads of lifestyle). This is how the curvy half lives.

6 Ragini Nag Rao

Follow her at @kittehinfurs
From her love of color to her sweet pixie cut, Ragini is the girl to follow if you love all things vintage.

7 Allison Teng

Follow her at @curvygirlchic
This curvy Cali girl has style to spare, but what I love most is that her wardrobe is totally attainable: she wears clothes you can buy just about anywhere. It's how she puts them all together I need to learn.

8 Gabi Gregg

Follow her at @gabifresh
I wish I had even an ounce of Gabi's style. She's a risk taker, flawless, and she makes it look easy.

9 Tess Munster (Holliday)

Follow her at @tessholliday
You may know Tess already from her #EffYourBeautyStandards campaign, but if you're not following her for fashion inspo, do it now. You'll be so glad you did. Side note: her recent preggo pictures just kill me!

10 Teer Wayde

Follow her at @teerwayde
Teer is the vintage vixen pin-up girl you've always wanted to be, with the clothes, style, bod, and makeup you'll covet forever.

11 Isha Reid

Follow her at @pic_pixie
I just adore Isha's take on vintage style, and we have the same taste in books, so...

12 Nadia Aboulhosn

Follow her at @nadiaaboulhosn
Nadia's hair, makeup and OOTD are always on point, but she's also got a great sense of humor, so you'll want to give her a follow, too.

13 Kellie Brown

Follow her at @itsmekellieb
Am I more envious of Kellie's style (omg, her accessories!) or of her travel itinerary? Both. Definitely both.

14 Kobi Jae

Follow her at @kobi_jae
Kobi touts herself as a "Fa(t)shion Blogger" who demonstrates what "fat girls ACTUALLY wear." Her style is inspired by maybe Edward Gorey, with a little punk thrown in for good measure.

15 Miz Liz

Follow her at @bbwgeneration
I love that so many of the selfies she shares are just everyday, not styled or filtered to perfection. She's real... and I adore her!

16 Ashley Rose

Follow her at @thisisashrose
Ashley is always dressed to the nines, and it's the attention to the small details that make her outfits so enviable.

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