7 Cute Cross Accessories ...

It seems that lately there’s been a trend for cross accessories. Ranging from cross necklaces to shirts or even shoes, this fad has been seen in many women’s fashion stores. You can display these accessories either in a subtle or bold fashion. Whatever your choice, check out these seven cross accessories that I recommend and see if they suit your fancy!

1. Shirts

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I recently purchased a shirt with a huge cross on it. It was a pink tank top, with a black, shimmery cross in the middle. The neat part about this light fabric shirt was that it included three chains hanging from the collar, giving the impression that it was one big cross necklace! There are other shirts on the market, ranging from cropped to incredibly blinged out. Pick one according to your style and rock it! I love this trend because shirts are not one of your typical cross accessories. They’re bigger and bolder.

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