8 Cute Fall Accessories for Men ...

Have you dug out your Autumn wardrobe yet? For the past few years I’ve been keeping a capsule wardrobe full of snuggly jumpers, warm jeans and thick thermals ready to wear when the days get colder, ensuring I’ve always got something soft and stylish – and Winter looks are so easy to update with the right accessories. The same works perfectly for men too – just invest in some stylish fall accessories for men, and you can create the perfect Autumnal outfit effortlessly. It beats searching for that perfect jumper he saw but can’t remember anything about! Here are some of my favorite fall accessories for men:

1. Gloves

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Gloves are always a bit of a Winter nightmare. I have numerous pairs that I love – leather ones that are perfect for driving but can make my hands too hot, cashmere ones that feel divine but get ruined if they get wet, ski gloves that are oh-so-cosy but thick and restricting. And, of course, gloves make using touchscreens very difficult. This year, fingerless gloves for men are making a big comeback, and there’s a whole selection of them in everything from plain colors to prints. For a great gift, check out Etsy for handmade fingerless gloves – I love the fairisle designs. If you prefer classic gloves, Macy’s and Debenhams are great shops to try, and have something for all budgets.

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