7 Cute Ways to Tie Scarves This Winter ...

My friend bought a scarf recently and immediately gave me a call asking what are different ways to tie scarves. Amongst my friends, I’m known for my scarves and how I tie them. This winter, why not pull out those scarves you love and work them in new ways? Here are a few of my cute ways to tie scarves.

1. The Twist and Pull

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This way to tie a scarf is probably my favorite because people can’t seem to figure it out when they look at it, yet it’s so clever! Fold your scarf in half and place it around your neck so that the two ends dangle from the left side and a loop hangs on the right. Taking one of the ends, thread it between the loop on the other side. Twist the loop by pulling the bottom side towards the top and thread the other end through it. Pull it until it’s comfortably tight. If you look at the scarf now, it has a pretzel-like quality; cute yet creative.

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