7 Cute Ways to Wear the Hot Vibrant Blue Look ...

Are you wearing vibrant blue today? While all the fashion gurus said green would be the color to watch this season, it seems that the ultraviolet blue is going to take over, with stars everywhere being snapped in it. It’s good for all of us, too – vibrant blue is a really flattering color, and it’s sure to boost your complexion. It’s totally versatile, too!

1. Sheer and Blue

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If you've spotted Katy Perry and Ashley Tisdale lately, you'll see they've had the same ideas! Recently both have opted for cute dresses featuring a sheer top and flared skirt, but styled it totally differently. Katy went with retro hair, makeup and shoes, which were given an instant update with a vibrant blue skirt, and she looked super cute. Ashley went with a casual summer look, teaming her dress with beachy hair and ankle boots. Whichever way you wear it, vibrant blue is sure to get all eyes on you.

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