7 Cute Ways to Wear Vests through Winter ...

If you are anything like me, you’ll be searching out ways to wear vests through winter before long; I’ve got a wardrobe full of vests in almost every style and color, and I love wearing them! When it gets cold outside, though, you need more than just a cute outfit, which is why I came up with these great ways to wear vests. Staying warm in a vest takes some effort, but it’s a great way to break up that warm jumper + jeans Winter rut!

1. Get Printed

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There are loads of printed trousers around at the moment, making this one of the easiest ways to wear vests through Winter. Opt for a black and white print – anything from floral to tribal or geometric will do – and make sure they are thick and cosy. Nobody wants cold legs! Then add a classic black vest, and a open cardigan. Black heels will finish the look perfectly, and keep you warm and stylish.

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