8 Daring Open Back Dresses ...

Open back dresses are a great way to show off some skin in an unexpected manner. Whether you go for a fully backless number or more subtle cut out details, an open back dress is a fun way to change things up. A sundress with an open back is a way to wear the look casually during the day, and dressy backless numbers can look chic at night. Take some style inspiration from a few dresses with open backs, below.

1. Colorblocked Open Back Dress

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Price: $22.80 at forever21.com

This color blocked dress has a few daring qualities. Not only does it have an open back, but a risquΓ© sheer skirt as well. The open back might make it tricky for wearing a slip underneath, unless the slip is backless as well. Otherwise, wear this open back dress with shorts underneath for a different take on festival style.

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