7 Denim Trends to Try Right Now ...

Denim trends always tend to dominate fashion cycles in some way or another. Recently, coloured and printed denim jeans have been the go-to denim trend for savvy fashionistas. But now we’re seeing a whole new raft of denim trends take hold. You’re pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to denim this season. Move away from coloured and printed denim and try out these new twists on an old favourite.

1. Dressy Denim Overalls

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Overalls, or dungarees, are one of the biggest denim trends right now. Opinion is split on this trend, with some people embracing them and others not even daring to go near them. Instead of a sloppy pair of overalls this season, try a dressier approach. Look out for overalls in slim fitting and tailored styles with no distressed detailing. Team them with button up blouses, blazers, and heels for a classier take on this denim trend.

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