7 Designer IPhone Cases to Add a Bit of Luxury to Your Look ...


7 Designer IPhone Cases to Add a Bit of Luxury to Your Look ...
7 Designer IPhone Cases to Add a Bit of Luxury to Your Look ...

Designer iPhone cases are big business. It seems like these days no items are safe from designer merchandising. iPhones tend to spend more time in our hands and on display than tucked away in a handbag so picking out a stylish and eye-catching case is more important than ever. Incorporate a bit of luxury into your look by housing your iPhone in a designer case. If you’re looking for a bit of a splurge, then take a look at these chic designer iPhone cases.

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Lace Print IPhone Case

Lace Print IPhone Case Add a little bit of luxury to your tech accessories with a designer case. This Marc by Marc Jacobs case is a chic way to house your iPhone. It has a simple black and white colour scheme and features lace print detailing. In comparison to other designer iPhone cases, it’s not too much of a splurge either, at $40 from Net-A-Porter.


Embellished IPhone Case

Embellished IPhone Case Wear your brand loyalty loud and proud with this iPhone case from Moschino. The simple black quilted case features gold tone ‘Moschino’ lettering. The case even comes with a detachable chain link strap so you can wear it slung on your shoulder like a bag. This designer iPhone case also comes with a designer price tag to match, and will set you back around $130.


Tiger Print IPhone Case

Tiger Print IPhone Case This Kenzo tiger print was popularly featured on a range of designer sweatshirts from the brand. The sweatshirt became a must-have item among the fashion crowd but was out of the price range for most of us. However, you can get your hands on this funky Kenzo tiger motif with their sleek iPhone cases. This Kenzo case costs around $45 and you can purchase it online from Net-A-Porter or Opening Ceremony.


Floral IPhone Case

Floral IPhone Case This Coach iPhone case features a cheerful floral poppy print. It’s available from Macy’s and you can grab one for around $40. An eye-catching case like this would look great stashed in one of this season’s must-have transparent handbags.


Skull Leather IPhone Case

Skull Leather IPhone Case If you prefer your luxury items a little more understated then this Alexander McQueen iPhone case might be more to your liking. This black leather slip case features the brand’s signature skull detailing. It is very expensive though, at around $250 from Luisaviaroma.

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Bow Quilted IPhone Case

Bow Quilted IPhone Case This blush leather iPhone case is perfectly feminine. It’s from RED Valentino and features quilted detailing with a bow appliqué on the front. I could easily imagine one of these cases being housed in a chic Chanel quilted handbag. This case is also available in black but they are quite pricey at around $200.


Croc Embossed IPhone Case

Croc Embossed IPhone Case If you prefer your cases with a bit more colour then check out this bright Miu Miu iPhone case. It has a simple slip design and features Miu Miu lettering to the front. The turquoise colour is quite on trend but you can also pick this iPhone case up in a range of other colours. Be prepared to splurge though, as one of these cases will set you back around $150.

Now, these designer iPhone cases aren’t by any means cheap. But if you love your tech accessories and are willing to make the splurge then these are always worth checking out. Would you deck out your tech accessories with designer duds? Which of these cases do you like best?

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Want all of them

These are all cute but I absolutely LOVE free people cases. They aren't exactly designer but their cases are so unique that they look expensive. The one I have right now is a plain blueish/purple solid case but on the back there are orange, red, pink, and blue flower and rock pieces. Everywhere I go people ALWAYS compliment my case and ask where I got it.

Want all of them Cute # 4/ 6

My mom has the snake skin Coach case and she loves it ;)

Anyone interested in the miu miu case shoul consider to buy it just if they're willing to take good care of it and they're not the kind that throws phone in a crowdy tote bag as the sof leather in light bright colour is extremely delicate:it gets dirty,marked and opaque in a sec!I've experienced this myself with miu miu items in similar colours..

I my Lifeproof iPhone 5 casing.

I love cases with rhinestones as well love the bling cases

Want all of them too

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