7 Types of Venetian Masks 🎭 That Are Fabulous and Impressive 🎇 ...

On the day the 2017 Venetian Carnival starts, let's take a closer look at the masquerade. Venetian masks are intriguing and beautiful. Guest contributor Jason Phillips shares a few different types of Venetian masks that you will love!

Venetian masks are perfect for masquerade parties. There are so many options, though, that it can be difficult to decide. In making a selection, you'll want to consider the rest of your outfit, and how the colour and style of the mask will coordinate with it. Also think about the impression that you want to make. Some types of masks also have a historical meaning, and it can be fascinating to know the background of the mask you choose. Here are some of the popular types of Venetian masks.

1. The Medico DellaPeste

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This is a traditional mask that can look rather scary and ominous. The main element is a very long beak sticking down. There are round eyes, and sometimes simple glasses. Historically, these masks were worn by doctors during the plague, and were supposed to prevent spreading of the disease. The traditional Medico della Pestemask is white, but sometimes modern versions incorporate bright colours. As for the whole costume, the wearer has a really long overcoat, black gloves, boots, and a brim hat. If you're attending a masquerade party, this costume will certainly make a lasting impression.

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