Wonderful πŸ€— Tips to Disguise πŸ™ˆ Your Muffin Top 🍩 for Apple Shaped Ladies 🍎 ...

Confession time: I have an apple shaped figure and I hate it! Therefore, I’ve had to learn some tricks to help me disguise the extra β€œfluff” in my mid-section. You can whittle your middle with these 7 tips to disguise your muffin top. No one will ever be the wiser that you don’t have a perfect figure.

1. Fall in Love with Dolman Style Tops

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I discovered this helpful hint quite by accident. A few years ago, I purchased a gray and maroon dolman style top. Every time I wore it, I got tons of compliments and I wondered why. One day I stood in front of a full-length mirror while wearing it and realized that my tummy had virtually disappeared! The flowy sleeves and banded waist that’s so common in dolman style tops hid it perfectly.

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