Divine Ways to Slim Your Hips for Girls Who Want a Sleeker Silhouette ...


Divine Ways to Slim Your Hips for Girls Who Want a Sleeker Silhouette ...
Divine Ways to Slim Your Hips for Girls Who Want a Sleeker Silhouette ...

In order to make your hips (or any part of your body, really) appear slimmer than it is naturally, you often need to be strategic with the way you dress to help draw attention away from this area. Keep reading if you want to know how you can slim your hips for a sleeker silhouette 😄👗👠

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Opt for a-Line over Fitted

While you might love the look of anything fitted, bear in mind that it will hug your body - including your hips - and can often make you appear wider than you might have hoped for. Instead, opt for A-line styles (meaning it flares out at the waist) as this cleverly adds volume to the lower half of the skirt or dress and therefore draws attention away from your hips.


Use Colours Strategically

It's no secret that light colours draw attention and dark colours obscure anything we don't want to be noticed as much. So, use this clever trick to your advantage by opting for anything light coloured on top and pair it with anything dark on bottom. This is a super easy to draw attention towards the upper half of your body and away from your hips, which will be obscured by the dark colour.


Try Boot-cut Pants

Remember that anything fitted will hug your figure and make your hips appear wider. So, to avoid this you can opt for boot-cut pants which will have a wider leg so that your hips look in proportion to the rest of your legs. This means you might want to avoid wearing fitted styles like skinny jeans, as these are going to show your hips as the widest part of your body.


Belt at Your Natural Waist

Another super easy way to slim your hips for a sleeker silhouette is to simply use belts around your natural waist, rather than around your hips. The reason for this is that when you belt your waist, it can create the illusion that your legs are longer and your hips slimmer. Not only that, but your attention is also brought towards the belted area and away from your hips.


Fit Your Hips First

Pants are notorious for being difficult to get right as they have to fit really well, and if not, a trip to get them tailored or altered might be needed. For anyone trying to slim their hips it's important to fit the widest part of your body when trying on pants. Additionally, you can try going up a size for a more comfortable fit. Pants should fit your hips and waist properly so remember that this should always come first.


Stock up on Jackets

Another handy trick to make your hips appear slimmer is to make use of jackets and coats. This is especially useful since we're getting into the colder months and it's super convenient to layer up to keep warm. Jackets generally finish around your hips, so more often than not they're not visible and are easily hidden from view. For the warmer months, you can still use this technique by wearing cardigans or cover-ups made of loose lightweight fabrics that are going to be breathable even on hot and muggy days.


Wear Heels when Possible

Not only are heels great for making you appear taller (duh!) but you may have noticed that they can make you appear much slimmer in doing so. Obviously wearing heels may not always be an option (in which case you should try using some of the other tips on this list instead) but if it is, take advantage and give it a go. If you look in the mirror you'll notice that your body is instantly lifted and appears slimmer as a result of this!

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