9 Dos and Don'ts of Fall 2013 Fashion Trends ...

Fall 2013 fashion trends featured some of the hottest items we've seen in years. From new trends to old favorites recreated, there was a little something to love for everyone in fall 2013 fashion trends. Since fall is the season Fashion Week in NYC takes place, it's no wonder most of the hottest trends of the year appear in fall. And the best part about fall fashion is that most pieces can carry over for several years to come. If you're not sure if some of the pieces you loved last fall are okay for another year, then check out these do's and don'ts of 2013 fall fashion below. Though many pieces and trends hit the runway last year for the first time, some are definitely worth giving a go this coming fall as well.

1. Do Invest in Eye-Catching Outerwear

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One of the biggest fall 2013 fashion trends was eye-catching outerwear. Outerwear has always been one of my personal favorite parts of an outfit, so why not make a bold statement? An eye-popping coat paired with a fabulous belt is a great way to add drama to any plain and simple outfit underneath. Fall 2013 was all about eye-catching outerwear, and you should feel free to enjoy it another year to come. Just remember to let the outerwear shine and keep all your other ensemble pieces simple.

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