3. Skin Showing

Bare midriffs have gone from being a faux pas to super trendy literally overnight! What can I say? I find it interesting, although it's hardly one of my favorite fashion trends for 2013. Personal opinion aside, I do have to admit the idea is retro-ish and sexy enough to work, plus it gives us all a chance to reuse a few pieces of clothing and put together some really sweet outfits.

Open a few slits on a plain, boring dress to get the look or opt for a high-wasted skirt or pants and a cropped top of choice! Furthermore, if you happen to have some tops you’ve never gotten to wear due to shrinkage, this is the perfect time to bust them out! And yes, you’re totally allowed to go around saying how your washing machine is so next generation that it sees a trend coming even before designers decide to make it public.

Harness-Style Belt
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