7 Enticingly Beautiful and Great Consignment Boutiques to Check out ...

Consignment Boutiques are the best and nowadays quite popular way to buy designer items and that is not only because the prices are significantly lower but also because, with consignment boutiques, ladies all over the world finally have a chance of owning all those fab, limited edition, sold out and/or vintage pieces that simply canโ€™t be found in regular shops! Fancy a designer piece yourself? Or maybe you have a vintage baby youโ€™d like to sell? No problem! Check out these great consignment boutiques and youโ€™ll find the answers to all of your questions:

1. Covet Shop

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Is this shop new or Iโ€™ve been living under a rock in the past couple of months? Anyways, if youโ€™re looking for a Chanel, Iโ€™d suggest you check this one out first because I have a feeling the prices are slightly lower. I may be wrong but hey, with so many great designer items (some of which still have their original tags) and so many fab finds lurking in every corner, clicking the link twice is most certainly a must.

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