7 Essential Tips on How to Wear Overalls Fashionably ...

How to wear overalls fashionably may seem like a bit of an oxymoron to some people. Overalls can be a bit divisive with some sides embracing this symbol of lost youth in their adult years while others believe that the look best be left to those still in kindergarten. However, there are ways to style the humble overall so that it’s more chic than β€˜ick’. Take a look at a few tips for how to wear your overalls fashionably, below.

1. Get the Right Fit

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To work a high fashion look when it comes to longer length overalls, opt for a slim cut rather than baggier styles. This will help create a more streamlined look and prevent you from looking swallowed up by denim from head to toe. For shorter overalls, you want a pair that allows room to move but still in proportion to your body.

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