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Your maternity wardrobe is important. It is basically all you are going to wear for the duration of your pregnancy. If you build it with these essentials, it will go much further and be more efficient for whatever occasion occurs. These are 7 essentials of a maternity wardrobe that will have you prepared and feeling attractive every day.

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Dark Wash Maternity Jeans

Dark Wash Maternity Jeans Dark wash maternity jeans are worth the purchase, ladies. You will be so thankful that you purchased this item to be part of your maternity wardrobe. You can wear this item with basically any top. Your dark wash maternity jeans can be worn in so many different situations from errands to doctor appointments to casual Friday at work. This is one of the items you will wear most from your maternity wardrobe.


Solid Tees

Solid Tees Solid color tees can be so beneficial to you when you are pregnant. You can mix and match them with different outfits. Start with the basic colors of gray, white and black then add in some brighter colors. You will be very thankful that you have these to grab from your closet. You can punch up the fashion factor with scarves or other accessories.



Camis Camis are a very important part of your maternity wardrobe. One of the cutest maternity looks you can pull off is to wear a cami with a cardigan. It is absolutely adorable. Gone are the days when maternity fashion was tent like; now it is fashionable to show your bump in all its glory. Additionally, you can use camis under v-neck tops and other outfit combinations that require one.



Cardigans Cardigans are something that you definitely want to have in your maternity wardrobe. You can use them with a cami like we just talked about or put one on with a dress or other sort of top. Many of your cardigans from your pre-pregnancy wardrobe will be able to work, too. This helps because it is a transitional item to wear before, during and after your pregnancy. This is cost-effective, too.


A Nice Dress

A Nice Dress Every woman needs a nice dress to wear when she is pregnant. There will likely be an occasion or more than one occasion when you need a nice dress. A lot of women tend toward black and I see the wisdom in that. Just like a little black dress can be worn in many different situations, a black maternity dress can be worn for many occasions too. It is just a very handy piece to have in your closet when you are pregnant. You can use it for weddings, funerals, parties, work, church and many other reasons.


Cute Flats

Cute Flats It is time to pack away your heels, pregnant mommies! Unless you are both exceptionally talented in your experience with wearing heels and extraordinarily graceful in your pregnancy, it is best to put them away. But that is a decision between you and your doctor. If you do decide to pack them away, load up on several pairs of cute flats. They can add the pop of color you are craving to your wardrobe right now.


Statement Jewelry

Statement Jewelry No, statement jewelry is not a specific need of pregnancy but you will be glad you purchased it. It can really dress up any outfit, especially if you are getting bored with it. It is also something that you know you can wear after you have your baby. Besides, most of us have learned that accessories are really what makes an outfit come together. It can add a bit of flair and fun to your maternity wardrobe.

These 7 pieces will give you a very buildable and versatile maternity wardrobe. What do you think? What pieces of clothing are most important to you in your maternity wardrobe?

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yes belly bands should be on this list, im able to keep my favorite jeans and have them unbuttoned and no one notices, i save a lot on maternity wear because of the bands!

best thing I have right now - loose baggy ali baba pants. can be worn from below bump or high as a top too. loose and comfy and awesome

Bella Bands saved my sanity. I had two of those, then found a pack of six knock-off brand on eBay. They're basically stretchy tubes of fabric that allow you to wear your pants/skirts as your belly grows.

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