7 Everyday Ways to Own the Leather Look ...

Have you ever wanted to really own the leather look? I donโ€™t mean eyeing up something leather in a store and imagining it in your wardrobe, or slipping a loose leather top on and hiding it under a blazer. I mean totally owning the look, and feeling irresistible and full of confidence whilst you are wearing it. Feel impossible? Check out these feminine everyday takes how to own the leather look.

1. Leggings Are Easyโ€ฆ

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The best way to own the leather look? Start with something easy. Leather leggings, for example, are just like jeans or normal leggings. They donโ€™t feel too different to how youโ€™d expect, and they donโ€™t look that different, either. So grab some that fit well and are comfortable, and try wearing them with a slouchy t-shirt, sneakers and a super cute hat. Itโ€™s stylish yet casual, and very comfortable.

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