9 Extremely Tacky Fashion Trends That Need to End ...

I'm all about being fashionable, but there are quite a few tacky fashion trends I'd love to see disappear. Sadly, many of these seem to be gaining momentum. I'm doing my part to help these tacky fashion trends fade away. I can only hope the rest of the fashionistas out there will do the same and embrace the classier trends.

1. Sheer Clothing with Nothing underneath

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Sheer clothing has its place, but it should never be worn without something under it. This is probably the worst of the tacky fashion trends in my opinion. Somehow women seem to think it's fine to go out with a sheer dress on and believe they're being fashion forward. That's still called naked in my opinion. It just seems like a desperate ploy for attention and frankly, I don't want to see a bunch of naked people when I head out.

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