7 Eyeglass Trends for 2019 ...

Eye-wear in general seems to be making a comeback in the fashion world and thus why there are plenty of eyeglass trends for 2013! I love that nowadays, eyeglasses are embraced and viewed as more of an accessory than a necessity! So whether you're looking for stylish frames for your everyday prescription eye-wear, or trying to find your next favorite pair of sunglasses, follow these 7 eyeglass trends for 2013 to find your perfect fit!

1. Retro round

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Round glasses are one of the newest and most recognizable eyeglass trends for 2013. This eyeglass trend pays homage to music icons like John Lennon, Ozzy Osbourn, and let's face it...Waldo. Their retro look will match anyone's vintage fashion sense and look unique yet gorgeous!

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