7 Eyeglasses Frames for Different Face Shapes ...

When it comes to choosing daily eye wear it is important to keep in mind that there are specific eyeglasses frames for different face shapes, which can bring out the best in your appearance. If you need glasses in order to see on an everyday basis, it’s important to pick flattering frames that work best for you. Before you go to your optician, determine your face shape and keep in mind the different eyeglasses frames for different face shapes before you make your final decision.

1. Diamond

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If you have a diamond shape with broad cheekbones and narrow face at the eye line and jawline, consider yourself lucky because this is the most rare face shape! Of all the eyeglasses frames for different face shapes, daring cat-eye shapes, frames with distinctive brow lines or even rimless ones flatter the diamond face shape the most. These types of frames will soften your cheekbones and define your eyes!

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